Having been involved in marketing for over 30 years we've been there and done that, a lot. We have the talent, knowledge and tools to deal with any challenge. Acting as a lead for all marketing activities you get experienced CMO expertise at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time position. Hiring a fractional CMO is not by any means going to lower the quality of your marketing. In fact, getting an outside set of eyes on your strategies can be the secret to taking your marketing to the next level of excellence. Anything activity or management would expect from a full time CMO is now available to you on a flexible, fractional basis.


At its core, design is about emotion. A great design creates a feeling. The medium of a message can change from project to project, but the elements of great design are steadfast. Behind the emotion of a brand there must also reside strategic focus and consistency. Using fact-based, insightful direction to keep our creativity on a clear path, combined with artistry and deep thinking is what sets our designs apart.


Likedminds has a proven methodology that leverages best practices garnered in the course of hundreds of successful engagements. Our team is made up of multidisciplinary branding experts including strategists, designers and communicators as well as digital, technical and implementation experts.


Every successful business strategy is built around a compelling, single idea. An idea that has real value for the organization and its stakeholders. We strive to find the right ideas, helping to unlock real strategic value. Finding you a path to delivering meaningful and impactful business results.


From mobile apps to social networking to the web… having a digital presence is today’s status quo. And to be relevant with today’s consumer, your customer experience has to embody your brand across the entire digital landscape. Digital is where your investment in your brand will produce the biggest return. Most importantly, digital creates a lively collaborative environment – a place where your customers aren’t just an audience but an interactive community, talking with one another and with you.


Creating compelling content that informs, enlightens and inspires is truly an art. The likedminds core team of writers and editors craft original communications materials that work across any and all audiences, channels, media and platforms. We can take the most complex ideas and make them accessible, understandable and provoking.


A memorable name is the defining element of a brand. It embodies the brand idea and sets the stage for its evolution. The right name can make or bake your brand. Yes we said bake. You can see how just the slightest tweak can impact a message. At likedminds we create unique, compelling names for organizations, products and services across multiple industries, helping you navigate the legal, linguistic and cultural hurdles that come along with naming.