ISSUE 1.18 - Top Canadian Brands

The BrandZ family of ranking has finally evaluated the top brands in Canada. Being home to some of the strongest brands in the world, it is a wonder why it took so long for this to officially happen. People all over the works are familiar with a lot of the older, big banking brands such as RBC and TD as well as some of the more recent up and comers such as Canada Goose, Lululemon, Tim Hortons and Shoppers Drug mart.

Overall the top 40 brands in Canada have a value over $144 billion in 2019.

Recently, Canada has found itself in the rare position of leader on the world stage. Canada is one of the only countries to have remained relatively stable in 2019, supporting its strong values and is emerging more and more as a strong and confident vocal leader, with that voice being about modernization and tolerance. As a result, more countries are looking to Canada and listening to what its people and its brand have to say.

There is a definite trend that Canadians like brands that strongly identify with their home. 9 out of the top 40 brands actually reference Canada with several others alluding to it. A whopping 61% of Canadians prefer to buy things made in their home country. If marketers are looking for a way to stand out here, they could do worse than follow the lead of what these top brands are doing so well.

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