ISSUE 1.11 - REBL with a cause

Alexandra Toulch is the founder of REBL House, a creative content collective based in Montreal specializing in video & photo production, graphic & motion design, brand identity development and original music & sound production. She originally founded her company while she was getting her Bachelor’s degree and the company has now grown into a huge success and includes high profile clients like NHL player P.K. Subban, L’Oréal and Brown Shoes.

According to Alexandra she started her original business because school just wasn’t doing it for her. She had a lingering drive to be involved in the entertainment world in any capacity possible, so she decided to start experimenting. While in school, she started video blogging around various Montreal hotspots, starting off on camera, and then after completing a couple of internships in L.A., she fell in love with the production side of of the business.

What's the most challenging part of your business?

The most challenging parts of my business are the same as the most enjoyable, says Toulch; that is, staying consistently creative and innovative with every project I put my hands on. There is no better feeling than watching something that I’ve created getting the client excited.

For anyone out there with a business or a brand or both, you should know there are a ton of companies out there that can help you be successful. You don't have to, nor should you always try to do everything yourself. Luckily for me I was able to engage with people who knew this early on, and they let me run with my ideas and my strategies, and it paid off. it wasn't always a smooth trip, there was often some bumps along the way, but through those bumps you learn and you grow and you apply that to your future.

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