ISSUE 1.12 - So Joe..any input?

Brand icon Joe Mimran is moving as fast as ever. For those of you who may not know who Joe is, he's the creator of the Alfred Sung, Joe Fresh and Club Monaco brands. His latest branding effort is with Staples Canada and its newest product line called Gry Mattr.

He's a designer, a VC and a branding genius.. but above all he is an idea generator.

What's it take to be successful?

When asked what it takes to be a successful, the most important factor outlined by Joe was that you need to have tenacity and flexibility "At some point your going to have to pivot and

rethink your initial strategy… it's just inevitable,” Mimran says. So you need to realize this going into whatever it is your doing, so that when it happens, you're ready for it. It will also put you in a better position to not be discouraged. It happens all the time, so don't let it cloud your focus.

Also, with the digital world being so important nowadays, your brand can have international coverage overnight, huge success could be just a click away, and that is what makes running a brand these days so exciting.

Where does brand come from?

First and foremost, brand comes from personality, he says. “It’s got to come from a real place and everything you do has to be consistent.” That consistency needs to come through in all aspects of your business, whether it’s the product or the packaging, the communications or the people. “You have to treat that brand with the respect it deserves in every single activity,” he says. “People don’t understand the intensity it takes and the commitment it takes to build a brand.” That intensity is what “gives the brand voice,”.

Mimran mentions the importance of mentorship frequently. He advises all entrepreneurs to find people along that way who can act as a sounding board for your ideas, point out possible blind spots and offer tips on what they’ve learned along their journey.

The most important thing, though, is to act on your ideas, he says. “My advice: Start. Do it. Take the first step. It’s amazing what it can eventually lead to.”

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