ISSUE 1.16 - Deadpan branding

This just goes to show the power a brand can have, even if it is foundation is completely generic. If the brand is strong enough and properly positioned, it can still be hugely iconic. and very, very successful.

Loblaws supermarket brand no name has been a staple in homes across Canada since 1978. The brand, until recently having a side 'Hauler" brand tied to it, had no slogan or creatively designed logo. Not even its own font. Yet still everyone knows the yellow background with the black lower case text and the brutally literal product descriptions, such as "hot dogs". Lately, the no name brand is gaining an even larger audience thanks firstly to its official Twitter account that has been shredding brand culture in a deadpan manner similar to that of its original packaging.

The first official tweet from the @NoNameBrands account was "I am a brand, follow me". In just 4 months, the account racked up over 40,000 followers, nearly twice that of its parent company Loblaw. The person managing the Twitter account is David Wotherspoon, Loblaw Companies’ senior creative director, who oversees all its social media channels, photography, graphic design and websites.

“We love the simplicity of the brand. It’s really simple in it's absolute purest form and that's probably why it works so well. A can of carrots says carrots, what else does it really need to say?" The brand team of 10 started to discuss how they could leverage that same branding and extend it outside of the stores and into the world.

While the no name Twitter account was mainly used for launch and to live tweet the Emmy awards, which they also sponsored, the accompanying real world brand campaign is now ongoing with a citywide advertising campaign. The same tone of the Twitter posts and the same colours and fonts from the packaging are now plastered throughout areas like Toronto's Union Station where the actual fare booth is wrapped in bright yellow and says “collector booth, may contain fare collector. One side of the stairs say stairs going up while the other side says stairs going down.

Also goes to show, if a brand works on packaging really well, why mess with it. Extend it out to the advertising that is actually being used to drive those sales. Makes sense to us :)

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