ISSUE 1.15 - How Herschel went global

A lot of people don't know that Herschel is Canadian. It grew so fast and became so popular right out of the gates, which is not the norm for Canadian based startups. Born out of Vancouver it's mostly known for its classic bags and knapsacks, now having also expanded into almost every feasible category, including apparel, headwear and even travel.

Founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack who's backgrounds are both in the sneaker and sporting goods space. They were both running Herschel on the side for around two years until they finally decided to focus on the brand full-time.

Although the 2 have about 40 years of experience in a closely related industry, they were by no means experts on all facsits of the new business and had to become fast learners around manufacturing, logistics, operations and warehousing.

The one thing they did have going for them was that they knew how to manage a brand. The two brothers attribute 1 key factor to the success of Hershcel brand early on.. that being momentum. Stating that they needed to find out very early on how to leverage that for success. Their strategy was to take each win, figure out why they got the win and then figure out how to leverage off of it to the absolute max.

They've also been able to leverage some important partnerships and collaborations. The focus has been to try to always work with like-minded individuals, or individuals who are going to be able to take the Hershcel brand in a new and different directions. Seeking out other brands who inspire them and can really build the Herschel brand in a different way. They also use it for helping with market segmentation, figuring out how to elevate certain product lines either through a more expensive collaboration or through one that could be a little bit more commercial. Tell different stories with different products but ensure they all fit within the overall brand objectives.

Current days, Herschel is setting up to "matter in every single country they sell into", through both new products and new approaches to marketing. Herschel has embraced the future as being an exceptionally positive place to go; the power of what change is going to do and how excited and ready we are for it is what they say they plan to stay super focused upon. It will be exciting to see what they are up to next.

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